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Aerial photography and videography can provide a distinctive view of a place, location or event. It is ideal for showing a completely diverse vantage point of the business and/or service through a bird’s eye point-of-view. You are sure to attract and maintain your customer’s attention, resulting in an enhancement in your future sales.

  • Aerial videos capture the true size, shape, and layout of a property.
  • Perspective buyers are able of seeing the property and its location.
  • Aerial video is an excellent way of showcasing the real dimensions of the property.
  • Customers are presented with what they are searching for, aerial shots of the property in all its beauty.
Property Development and Management:
  • View plans for that new condo complex development.
  • Be able to see how progress of the construction site is going.
  • Show a bird’s eye view of the property for marketing uses and the surrounding infrastructure.
  • Shoot realistic lifestyle videos of the location of the property.
Event Coverage:
  • Great way to showcase sporting events in new and unprecedented ways.
  • Show a bird’s eye view of the hottest concerts and outdoor festivals, fully capturing the whole experience.
  • Provide a totally unique perspective in order to highlight a sponsor’s involvement in an event.
  • Your Resort will be able to provide unprecedented tours, all while highlighting the location & facilities.
  • Golf courses are able to provide a cool and unique view of the course with a “tee to green” flyover.
  • Show an overview of activities, such as surfing, kayaking, mountain hiking, etc.
  • Show breathtaking scenic vista views of tourist attractions and landscapes.
With a little bit of planning, DRONE-CT LLC will be capable of capturing all of your footage on the same day saving you time, money and a headache from organizing multiple days for getting the shots you want.

Full HD Quality
With the use of our multi-rotor drones equipped with professional recording devices, we are capable of offering aerial videos that produce remarkable results.
Drone and video technology has improved over the course of time and is now capable of producing amazing aerial films that are captured in 4k.
Photography and Videoagraphy
There are many areas that could truly benefit from the use of drones. Realtors, property management and development, event coverage, tourism and sports training can all benefit from the use of aerial footage.
Why Use Drone Photos and Videos for Your Next Project?
The price is right, you’re able to get all your HD quality aerial shots for less by preplanning prior to the shoot allowing us to get all your shots done in one day, saving you time and money.

Aerial photography and videography can benefit any type of industry, from realty to tourism, and by using drone technology you get a wide variety of angles and different camera shots that can only be captured by a drone.

By using aerial photography and videography, you are providing your potential and existing clients with an unforgettable, attention-grabbing video that allows them to experience a different point of view.
Save Time
We take care of the entire site survey and risk assessment ahead of time. We can be up and flying around in about 15 minutes time after arriving at the site.

If inclement weather should set in, we can land to wait out the storm. We’ll be back in the air to get those needed shots.
The drone’s compact size makes them capable of providing unique and interesting video angles. We fly from a few centimeters off the ground up to a hundreds of feet in the air. We can fly around a room, out an open window giving a completely unique shot. With the ability to hover in place; rotate in place, move left, and right, up and down we can provide the perfect camera position for the perfect shot.
With a striking and attention grabbing video, you are more likely to get engagement with the customers and keep their attention. With the addition of aerial photography and videography you will enhance sales conversions, as well as increase awareness. Using aerial video as an attention-grabbing first impression of your project is an excellent opportunity to cut through the noise and stand out above your competition.
Aerial Photography, Videography, Commercial and Residential Real Estate
Emergency Management, Emergency Response
FAA 107 Certified Commercial Drone Pilot
Email us at: info@drone-ct.com or give us a call: (203) 470-1782
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